Numidian Morocco Tours

Numidian Morocco Tours

Your guide to the desert of Morocco

Numidian Morocco Tours: I am a native young man from the southeast of Morocco. Grew up in a Berber village called Bougafar. Since I was a little kid, I always dreamt of doing something bigger. Something that would make me very proud of myself. Tourism was and still is my passion in life, as it gave me many good things in life. I have met different kind of people from different places of the world. Moreover, I started doing tours in 2010 with different companies around Morocco. From private tours to public ones and exploring different highlights of Morocco.

Those diverse experiences made me think of doing something of my own. Something exceptional made from different works that I have done. In addition, I have met some people along my journey who have pushed and advised me to set up my own agency. Furthermore, my perspective in this project is to let people discover the real Morocco and live it as a local.

Numidian morocco tours is a travel company based in Marrakech and has an office in Casablanca. Our prolific experiences in dealing with the wide variety of clients made us understand them and always come up with marvelous things to make them enjoy the best from their tour. The company’s members (drivers, guides) are well qualified and experts and speak; English, French and Spanish fluently.

Numidian Morocco Tours

Our main services are supplying our clients with accommodation, lodgings and transportation. Also, providing them with guided tours around Morocco. If you are looking for a splendid journey full of adventures, all you have to do is contact us and let us do the rest.

Our company organizes two different type of tours, standard tours for small budget travelers and luxury tours for those wish to have a luxurious trip in Morocco.


Our cars are tailored for adventure. New 4×4s like the Toyota Prado Land Cruiser, comfortable and roomy with air-conditioning have 6 seats and fits your luggage.

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Private & Group Tours : We offer customized private and group tours

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Custom-designed tours : We are specialist in custom designed tours based on customer preferences

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We have daily day trips and excursions and can be modified and designed according to your requirements

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